Why women are suffering through menopause

Why Women Are Suffering Through Menopause

When a woman complains of hot flashes or insomnia due to ‘the change’, it makes most wonder why they haven’t began taking hormone replacements such as Estrogen. Well, women used to take their estrogen happily until the Spring of 2003 when the Women’s Health Initiative study came out stating that hormones caused an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, breast cancer and dementia. Overnight, women stopped their hormones and few to no doctors offered them alternatives or explanations.

The problem with the study, which is now understood, is that it was based on risky synthetic hormones such as Premarin and Provera being used together. Despite counter-studies proving that women benefit from hormone replacement therapy, the safest and actually best form is bio-identical hormones.

Natural estrogen and natural progesterone have never been the culprits of the above mentioned problems. In truth, natural hormones actually improve a woman’s quality of life and health in addition to relieving her of hot flashes.

Even with this information being known through a number of studies, women still skirt the issue of hormone replacement due to their fear and the fact their doctor hasn’t taken the time to properly educate them of the new findings. If you are still not feeling your best as a woman, and want more information about bio-idential hormone replacement, connect with a specialist in this arena. Learn how bio-identicals can truly better a woman’s life, while also providing health benefits in the short and long term.

About Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement: Bio-identical hormone replacement is a safe and effective way to treat loss of hormones or hormone issues. For more information on how you can rid yourself of hot flashes and mood swings, while restoring your body’s natural balance, visit:  http://maturomedical.org/.



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Dr. Lisa Maturo, Naturopathic Thyroid Doctor

Dr. Lisa Maturo, Naturopathic Thyroid Doctor

Dr. Lisa Maturo is a naturopathic doctor who focuses her practice on preventive medicine and hormonal imbalances, with a strong emphasis on treating thyroid disease. Dr Maturo is one of the few practitioners in Arizona certified in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and she is also a partner on Forever Health Network, a listing of hormone balancing experts selected and promoted by Suzanne Somers. Dr Maturo suffered for over 15 years with undiagnosed Hashimoto's, and went through what many of her patients have gone through with multiple frustrating doctor visits before getting it properly diagnosed and treated, so she has the unique perspective of being both doctor and patient when it comes to understanding Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism, and can truly empathize with her patients.

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