Thyroid Treatment at Maturo Medical Wellness

Are you feeling frustrated and discouraged by the experiences you’ve had with other physicians, including endocrinologists?

Have you been told your thyroid levels are “normal” but still have fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, aches & pains and depression? 

We understand and can help.


Dr Maturo is an expert in thyroid treatment and hormone health.  She listens and she cares.  She has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism herself, and has been there are a patient.  She gets it and can help!

Thyroid Hormone and your Health

Hormones have a very powerful influence on our physical healthgeneral well-beingweight, and mental/emotional health. In many instances, even medical specialists such as endocrinologists have difficulty understanding why patients feel unwell despite normal lab work. When patients fall within normal blood test ranges, many doctors, including some who practice endocrinology, tend to ignore complaints of still feeling tiredgaining weightlosing hairfeeling coldhaving dry skin, and/or feeling mentally depressed.  They tell patients ” But your labs are fine” and are not willing to budge on the treatment protocols– refusing to adjust or change anything.  The challenge is that many people who test within normal blood test ranges nevertheless experience symptoms  – the type of symptoms many doctors too quickly dismiss. You are not a lab number. Labs are a guideline, but how you feel is most important in the clinical picture. Many patients experience subclinical hypothyroidism, which basically means labs are normal but the patient experiences many if not all of the classic signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism.Sedona AZ Thyroid Doctor

11684089_sMany patients may benefit from seeking a second opinion–be it from another endocrinologist or a doctor who specializes in thyroid treatment like Dr. Maturo does. By ordering more detailed tests, really listening to the patient, and making appropriate adjustments, she can often help patients finally feel well.

This is precisely where Dr. Maturo finds her niche: helping people feel better by looking both at their blood work and their symptoms, and working with them as partners in health,  until they are feeling back to their normal selves!  Dr. Maturo not only has a naturopathic medical degree, but has proven through years of hands-on practice to be one of the most experienced and committed doctors throughout phoenix and throughout the country when it comes to thyroid treatment, and has become well known as an expert in her field of endocrinology and natural hormone health.  Attuned to the latest advancements in endocrinology and thyroid care,  she offers the most current thyroid treatments in the field.  And best of all, she understands and can truly empathize with her patients because she has been there herself, as a patient who suffered for decades with undiagnosed and misdiagnosed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism.  So you will receive both her expertise and her genuine compassion and caring for her patients.


Endocrinology Healthcare Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Unlike many other doctors who practice endocrinology, Dr. Maturo really listens and really cares. She takes into account both your blood work and the way you feel, and makes adjustments according to your medical needs. It’s hard to find this quality of thyroid treatment out there!  We know how rare that is and we want so much to reach out to the patients suffering out there and offer better treatment and help to get you feeling well.thyroid-disorder-new2

Compared to most Arizona endocrinologists, thyroid doctors,  or other hormone specialists, our fees are very reasonable, and are typically covered by insurance through reimbursement. We try our best to give you the expert specialty thyroid care without the high prices most specialists and endocrinologists charge. We are passionate about helping people who suffer from thyroid disease find the help they need to finally feel better.


” I cannot recommend Doctor Maturo more, she’s completely changed my life figuring out all of the issues I have been dealing with. If you don’t feel right, and your doctor tells you nothing is wrong, get checked out with her.”— Andrea L.



If you feel frustrated with your current thyroid treatment, please contact us to schedule an appointment with your thyroid and hormone expert in Phoenix, Dr Lisa Maturo! 

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