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DHEA – Mother of All Hormones

If you haven’t heard of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) it wouldn’t be surprising. It is important and yet overlooked. It is considered the Mother of All Hormones due to its ability to convert into estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Apart from being a hormone precursor it also enhances your immune system.

It had been disregarded for many years because doctors didn’t know its purpose – many called it a ‘slacker’ hormone. Now, we know DHEA is an important part of our health. It has been looked at as an age gauge as it seems to dictate the quality and quantity of years in our lives. A number of articles have shown how DHEA helps prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders. The New England Journal of Medicine stated that the overall morbidity and mortality level is directly related to the level of DHEA. High levels are associated with increased longevity and low are predictive of early mortality.

DHEA administration is so important that doctors have seen disease symptoms actually reversed.

DHEA begins to decline in our bodies when we are in our thirties. If you have noticed your body being more sensitive to the flu or colds, it is possible that your immune system has become sluggish. In studies of aging immune systems, scientists discover DHEA continues to show up with the realization that with proper supplementation of DHEA, immune systems strengthen again.

It also prevents deterioration of organ mass associated with again. Early use can slow the shrinkage before it starts.

There is so much more that could be said about DHEA, the bottom line is your body needs it and you need to know if your levels are low.


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Dr. Lisa Maturo, Naturopathic Thyroid Doctor

Dr. Lisa Maturo, Naturopathic Thyroid Doctor

Dr. Lisa Maturo is a naturopathic doctor who focuses her practice on preventive medicine and hormonal imbalances, with a strong emphasis on treating thyroid disease. Dr Maturo is one of the few practitioners in Arizona certified in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and she is also a partner on Forever Health Network, a listing of hormone balancing experts selected and promoted by Suzanne Somers. Dr Maturo suffered for over 15 years with undiagnosed Hashimoto's, and went through what many of her patients have gone through with multiple frustrating doctor visits before getting it properly diagnosed and treated, so she has the unique perspective of being both doctor and patient when it comes to understanding Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism, and can truly empathize with her patients.

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